Specialty Care Transport

MetroAtlanta Ambulance’s Specialty Care Transport program provides the highest level of patient care for the most critically ill or injured patients requiring transfer from hospital to hospital.

The Specialty Care Ambulance Units are large and designed to accommodate the extra equipment required when transferring patients in critical condition. They are equipped with electric/hydraulic lifts, generators, LTV 1200 ventilators, a Data Scope CS 300 Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump and other specialized equipment required for intensive care monitoring. Patients are cared for by SCT Paramedics that completed the Cleveland Clinic EMS Academy’s Certified Intensive Care Providers (CICP) program .  The unit is designed so a Physician, RN or Respiratory Therapist can safely accompany patients when required.  Over 14 hospitals contract with MetroAtlanta Ambulance to transfer their Critical Care Patients because they are confident in the care provided by MetroAtlanta’s highly-trained SCT Medics and know they are utilizing the most state-of-the art equipment available in the EMS industry.


bariatric1Bariatric Transport

Our Bariatric Ambulance Units are specifically designed and equipped to handle the transfer of obese patients weighing more than 600 lbs. The patient compartment is large and designed to ensure the patient’s comfort, safety and dignity during transfer. The specialized equipment is made for handling the excessive weight of the patient and helps ensure the safety of the patient and the medical team in making the transfer. EMT Paramedics specifically trained in the use of the bariatric equipment accompany the patient during transfer.



To request Specialty Care Ambulance transportation, contact our Communications Center at 770-693-8480.