XP5 Info and Update

How to Adjust the sound profile on the XP5.

  • Hit Apps Button, select settings, select sound, select profiles, select standard.
  • Arrow left on the home screen, select  Profiles at the Bottom, select standard.
  • Video

How to Update the contact List on the XP5 Radios.

Delete Old Contact List

  • select the Contacts app on the radio
  • select the menu button (top left button with 3 lines on it)
  • select the “Select” option from the menu
  • select the menu button again
  • select “Select All”
  • select the menu button again
  • select “Delete”
  • Okay the delete

Download new list

  • select the Apps menu (top middle button with little squares)
  • select the “Sonim Scout” App
  • select “sonim Setup Wizard”
  • select scan and scan the image below.
  • select “OK” on somim app key policy
  • select “OK” on the warning message
  • scroll all the way down and select “Ok”

You are finished updating the Contact List on the radio.


XP8 Medvan Only