MetroAtlanta Ambulance Balances Accountability in a “Just Culture”

Marietta, GA Sept 9, 2016 – MetroAtlanta Ambulance Service’s Manager of Safety and Risk Management, Elesa Sutton, became one of less than a thousand certified “Just Culture Champions” in the nation.  MetroAtlanta Ambulance introduced the concept of “Just Culture”, a system of shared accountability where organizations are accountable for the systems they design and for responding to the choices and behaviors of their employees in a fair and just manner. The hope of a Just Culture is that in providing an environment where staff can openly examine errors without fear of punishment, it will improve reporting of errors so that they can be avoided in the future.   Ms. Sutton, who has overseen implementation of the Just Culture at MetroAtlanta Ambulance, stated, “Operating in a Just Culture environment values our employees, how they feel about themselves and how they conduct themselves in the performance of their job. It is not about pointing fingers, but is about managing safety and predictable risk and finding solutions to concerns before they become an issue. It’s about staff members not being fearful of admitting to mistakes and taking ownership for their actions. I’m thankful MetroAtlanta Ambulance sent me to the Just Culture Champion certification training.  It is just another example of their commitment to creating a high quality-safe environment for everyone.”  

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