MetroAtlanta Ambulance Donates an Ambulance to St. Joseph Catholic Church’s Mission Team in Honduras.

In certain rural villages in the Central America country of Honduras resident often must walk for miles in the hot sun to get required medical care. Their trip is just got a little easier thanks to the efforts of St. Joseph Catholic Church and Cobb County's local ambulance provider MetroAtlanta Ambulance Service.

MetroAtlanta Ambulance President and CEO Pete Quinones announced the donation of a used ambulance to the parish in Inglesia Catholic de Honduras in the diocese of Juticalpa, Ponsguia La Union Olunoke through St. Joseph Catholic Church in Marietta.

The donation – which also included diagnostic equipment and supplies – is part of the ongoing ministry of St. Joseph Catholic Church in Marietta's mission team in Honduras, aimed at making a difference in the lives of those in need throughout that part of the world.

Tom Reichert and Art Ezyaguriie delivered the ambulance in April of this year and will use the ambulance as a mobile clinic to take medical care to the people in rural villages of Honduras.

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