City Honors MetroAtlanta Ambulance Company for Care of Citizens

MetroAtlanta Ambulance Service was recognized by the Mayor and City Council and honored by the City of Marietta for their longstanding tradition of providing efficient and state of the art medical care to people injured in an accident in the city of Marietta.

Marietta Police Chief Dan Flynn stated, "Not a week goes by that one of our officers is not saying something complimentary about the job MetroAtlanta Ambulance has done to help someone or protect someone in our community in times of crisis." Flynn said he received many letters from people in the community talking about the excellent medical care they received from the staff of MetroAtlanta Ambulance. He stated, " It tells me from many sources that MetroAtlanta Ambulance does a phenomenal job and takes great care of the citizens in our community."

Marietta Fire Chief Jackie Gibbs stated, "We are so proud to have the oportunity to work with a company as professional as MetroAtlanta Ambulance. When you call 9-1-1 in the city of Marietta you are going to be delived to the hospital with the finest of care".

Chief Flynn stated, " On behalf of our entire community, we appreciate the outstanding job, the care and the efficiency that yoiu bring to our community".

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