MetroAtlanta Ambulance Announces Purchase of New LIFEPAK15 Lifesaving Equipment

MetroAtlanta Ambulance Service announced, today, the purchase and deployment of new LIFEPAK15 monitor/defibrillators from Physio-Control to replace the LIFEPAK12 models currently on the ambulances.  The new and updated equipment will allow medics to continue providing high quality care to their patients.

The monitor/defibrillators allow continuous monitoring of 12-lead ECGs in the field or in the ambulance during transport, and simultaneously transmit critical information directly to the emergency department at the receiving hospital. The equipment is a critical tool required to initiate treatment protocols on patients with cardiac related illness and to monitor critical vital signs on all patients.

The LIFEPAK 15 monitor/defibrillator includes improved technologies and provides both therapeutic and diagnostic functions all in one device that can easily be carried to the patient’s side. Some of the features included in the new 15 are a CPR Metronome (an audible prompt to aid in CPR compressions and ventilations), detection of carbon monoxide (one of the leading causes of poisoning death in industrialized countries and among fire fighters) and methemoglobin (to detect chemical exposures and certain drugs), blood pressure monitoring, and monitoring of oxygen saturation, along with defibrillation and external pacing.

Marty Billings, Manager of Clinical Services stated, “The LIFEPAK15 is a great addition to the arsenal of equipment our Medics count on to provide high quality patient care.  The new technology packaged in this monitoring/defibrillation device is going to allow us to consistently deliver on our commitment to provide excellent patient care.”  

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