MetroAtlanta Ambulance Invest in the LUCUS Chest Compression System

MetroAtlanta Ambulance Service announced the placement of the new LUCUS  Chest Compression System devices on their ambulance units.   “We believe we will significantly enhance the chances of survival from cardiac arrest by investing in this Chest Compression System” states MetroAtlanta Ambulance Vice President of Operations Mike Jernigan.  “Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) when done adequately and appropriately is the difference between life and death and performing adequate chest compressions is hard work especially in a moving vehicle.  It is also mentally and physically exhausting on a medic.  These LUCUS devices will provide uninterrupted compressions at a consistent rate and depth from start to finish and it will never get tired.  We can also provide defibrillation shocks without interruptions in CPR which can’t be under normal circumstances. We are excited to have this device onboard and available to our Medics.”


 The LUCAS Chest Compression System facilitates consistent blood flow from the moment it is turned on, helping to improve a patient’s chance for a successful outcome. Also, with the LUCAS device in place, defibrillation can occur during ongoing compressions that can prime the heart for a successful shock.  Continuous compressions also help maintain the coronary perfusion pressure needed to facilitate the return of spontaneous circulation.  For more information on the LUCUS Chest Compression System go to

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