MetroAtlanta Employees Attend Mercedes Drive & Learn Event in Lafayette, LA

MetroAtlanta Ambulance employees recently attended a Drive and Learn Event  in  Lafayette, LA.  The Event was hosted by Mercedes Benz and Acadian Companies.  The program included classroom education and driver training specifically on the Mercedes Sprinter Van.  Participants had the opportunity to take specially equipped vans through an obstacle course of twists, turns with abrupt starts and stops.  MetroAtlanta Ambulance Paramedic Leigh Dooley stated, “It was a great opportunity for us drive the vehicle hard and generally simulate what the vehicles will be expected to do on a daily basis.  The vehicles we drove were equipped with external anti-roll bars which allowed us to really maneuver the vehicle.  With the electronic safety features disengaged we could take it to its tipping point.  It was crazy and exciting at the same time.  The performance and technology built into the vehicle is phenomenal and this class really built my confidence in the stability and reliability of this new ambulance.  I’m excited our company will be replacing our fleet with these.”

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